Neuomorphic Container

A package widget that applies the concept of Neuomorphism in software development using Flutter.

neuomorphic_container Package Url

Neumorphic containers pretends to extrude from the background. It’s an elevated form created from the same element of the background.

The background color of your application or widget hosting the Neuomorphic Container has to match the Neuomorphic Container background color to display properly.

The Neuomorphic Container comes with default values for height,width,intensity,blur and offset parameters.

The blur and intensity parameters are very delicate and the value selected should fit properly. You can decide to use the default value for blur and intensity at first and if that does not fit your purpose you can play around with other values that suits your narrative.

Intensity requires a value within the range of 0.01 to 0.6 else an exception is raised.

The new version comes with four styles for Neuomorphic Container : Flat, Concave, Convex, Pressed. The Pressed Style currently does not work on flutter web.